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Well, yesterday Braden went to MEPS in DesMoines, IA, passed and was sworn into the US Air Force.


Words cannot describe how proud I am that he has made this choice to serve our country. I have an overwhelming variety of emotions about this decision and am trying to best deal with them all. I think the most profound emotion for me is the feeling of uncertainty. I do not come from a military family and do not know anything about the military at all. The only things I have seen are what has been on TV on the news or what have you. As we all know, that hasn't been too terribly wonderful over the past several years.  I am in the process of looking up and learning about everything I can as far as the Air Force goes. There is so much and it is a bit overwhelming. I hope to find answers and some guidance through the reading here online and in other places. I want to be 100% supportive for Braden and I also want to be able to enjoy his journey into the military with him.

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Comment by Kimberly M Smith on March 11, 2011 at 10:42pm
Julie I can so relate to how you are feeling right now because I felt the same way when my son joined in "07".  Dont worry though, I know its hard not to but theAirForce will make a man out of your son. You will see such a big difference! Its amazing!  My son Brandon loves it and is now a Staff Sargent. Check out my profile if you get a chance and you will see howw I described the changes in him.  Sincerely Kimberly M Smith


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