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Ok, so if BMT is 8 1/2 weeks and Wesley leaves on November 3, that puts his graduation on New Year's weekend. Any thoughts? I mean, sure, my sister and I celebrating New Years together (for the first time in many many years) in San Antonio can only mean fun (and possibly trouble) but will they actually hold graduation over the holiday, or will it be delayed, or what?

I visited my local used bookstore (managed by my best friend) and got a couple of books on the F 15. I figured I should read as much as I can so when Wes talks about what he is doing, I can have some sort of idea!

Oh yeah, Christi and Marty, I am in awe that your son will be a firefighter in the AF. My husband was a firefighter (just a regular civilian firefighter) and my step-son is a firefighter (same thing), so I can sort of grasp what he is going to be doing. It really takes someone special to run into a situation where everyone else is running out. Shake his hand for me.

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