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Airman cant visit on base Motel without permission Lackland AFB

   If you get base motel lodging  on base for your Family and  Airman for visiting for after Graduation from Boot Camp, If he or she does not have permission to go to your motel on base and no  MTIs willing to enact paperwork while you are there in person. he or she will not be able to have any private time with you on the base other than going out in town or spending time at the bowling alley which was a real bummer, the base is not set up for family activities other than sitting in a hot sun under a tree or at the on base quick food establishments maybe a movie. We found this out  Friday after Graduation Ceremony . The family arrived a day earlier than planned to Lackland AFB San Antonio TX,  we rented the  motel  on base Wednesday and the rooms were nice and clean.  My son graduated on Friday,  my wife and I assumed all was fine and we would have a great time when he was able to take liberty and visit us at the on base Motel for a few hours, where we could let him sleep watch t.v. maybe have a barbecue and there are picnic tables and a place to have snacks and refreshments a nice place to have some down time or some private time with his parents and sister. It was very disturbing that when we found out he could not visit us at the on base motel  after graduation as none of us knew. we spoke to his MTIs at the barracks immediately after Graduation, they were not at all interested  in helping to get such a simple thing permission to visit us at our motel on base and you know that really was dismal. The outrage is of course if we had got a room out in town he would be able to come to that motel!!!! I bring this attention to all the families like mine who usually don't plan till a few days before to make a trip to Lackland Air Force Graduation for your son or daughters graduation, so you wont have a disappointing experience like ours was, I feel that it was not my Sons fault as he didn't know we were going rent a room on base, or out in town especially since communications is only allowed a few times during boot , I believed this would be better for him and we could spend more time with each other being so close to the barracks not having to travel back and forth to the base.. I think this should be changed so another family doesn't have to experience this!!! any thoughts on how I go about initiating change for this, as our sons and daughters Family's deserve better than this after all your sending your most vital asset to serve as I did, and we the family's and Airman's need to be treated better than this. and after all this isn't asking for much signed a Veteran.......

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Comment by Sgt Terry (Network Creator) on July 30, 2014 at 3:40pm

This is interesting because when my son went through basic there was no rooming allowed on base. One thing you have to understand is that they are still in basic training. Even if you had gotten a room off base he would not be allowed to go to your room and sleep. There are other restrictions as well but that is the one that you mentioned. I am surprised that you could get accommodations on base. They have rules in place to train your airman and they are there for a reason. I would say that the fact that you brought it up here is a good thing. I would have to look at the information that is on the Lackland AFB site under basic training graduation information to see if it is mentioned there. When my son graduated they told us all the do's and don'ts prier to our arrival. I am very sorry that you had this experience. It would have been nice to have prior knowledge of this restriction. As to the communication during basic that is also there for a reason. I would say it is better than when my son went through and it is way better than when I went through not that it helps you now but all the parents I have talked to get a room off base and they don't run in to this problem. I talked to my sons TI when we where there and they don't like the parents coming on base anyway so I am not surprised with their reluctance in helping to accommodate you. That is to say that it should not have some changes made to make it better but just to understand that is why they are so hard nosed about it. And lets face it they don't have to let the parents come to the graduation. They had nothing like this when I was there. No parents could come to the graduation. Again I am sorry for what happened and I will check into this and see if we can at least get the word out about the lodging on base.       


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