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Started by Sgt Terry (Network Creator) Jul 12, 2009.

Information about Graduation Weekend.

Started by Sgt Terry (Network Creator) Jul 12, 2009.

How do I contact my son/daughter while they are at BMT?

Started by Sgt Terry (Network Creator) Jul 12, 2009.

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Started by Sgt Terry (Network Creator) Jul 12, 2009.

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Started by Sgt Terry (Network Creator) Jul 12, 2009.

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Started by E.G.. Last reply by Marty & Christi Weybret Jun 29, 2009.

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Comment by Lesa Shelton on January 11, 2009 at 10:32pm
What can I send him to BMT with? I know the cell phone stays behind, but what else? I thought about getting him a real nice electric razor for high school graduation to take with him to BMT, but I'm not sure....
Comment by Sgt Terry (Network Creator) on January 11, 2009 at 11:20pm
Lesa, I will check on the electric razor but I don’t think he can have it during BMT. I am not even sure if he can have it during tech school. There is a list of things he can take and can’t take to Basic. I will get you that link so you can look it over.
Sgt Terry
Comment by Stephanie on January 15, 2009 at 8:08pm
Hi Lesa.

You probably don't want to send him to basic with an electric razor because they warn you about how hard it is to keep clean for when we have inspections.

Unfortunatly i'll probably only shave for graduation D: Which is disqusting but alot less work,Lol! They say we won't shave at all for atleast the first six weeks. That's going to take alot of getting used to.

Luckily i'm not a guy so i dont have to keep my face shaved down to my collar and stuff.

Though i believe they suggest to buy your razor at the BX when you get there because then it will look like all the rest and his TI won't call him out on that Spiffy Razor :D
Comment by Sgt Terry (Network Creator) on January 15, 2009 at 8:16pm
You are right Stephanie, they will call you out on anything that is a lot different than what everybody else has, including that Spiffy Razor ;-).
Comment by Michael light on January 15, 2009 at 8:34pm
i've found that is an awesome resource in gaining insight on everything.. has been a better resource then even our recruitor
Comment by Sgt Terry (Network Creator) on January 15, 2009 at 8:48pm
I agree, Michael light, that is the one I point people to as well. There are a lot of good sites out there. I am sorry that some of the sites are better than the recruiters. They are not all that way. I believe that most of the recruiters are good with just a few not so good.
Comment by Lesa Shelton on January 15, 2009 at 11:06pm
Gosh, I'm glad I have you guys to come to with my questions!
Comment by E.G. on June 30, 2009 at 10:32pm
Marty and Christi,
I would imagine 5x7 would be fine. My opinion would be the smaller the better, they will not have much storage space while in boot. I can't wait to read about Rob's experience's in boot camp. Tell him that I wish him the best of luck and thank him for his service.
Comment by Stephanie on July 1, 2009 at 12:20pm
They Lock All your civilian clothes and things up early in the begning. so, He just needs clothes for i think like the first three days or so.. Bring a weeks worth of underwear ..atleast.. :o Cause they don'trelaly make you do laundry until the second week or so... My experiance anyways.

I would suggest though to bring your cell phone with you... They do take your battery,, but when you get calls home you're allowed to use your celphone.. It'll save on the calling card and that way you won't have to worry about the lines at the phone booths.

Basic was a ton of fun :) Learn to enjoy it. .. Your days will become a ton brighter. It truly is a mental game. Stay Strong. And think Smart.

Gosh.. Basic training was probably the greatest part of my career... All your mistakes out here... Are for real... In basic. they seemed so minor and fixable.. Take everything they teach you seriously.

:It's so cool to sit around here and just think back to all the cool strories from basic.. Everyon'es is about the same.. but it's all hilarious and its something that only people who've been can really understand the comedy.

Also, I was going to my followon trining here in Dover De and i went to the airport in my ABUs....

Boy, the pride walking through that airport.. with my combat boots and bags.. .it was so amazing.. The American people really Love and support your sacrifice. .. And when you get your round of applause in the middle of the airport, you'll know what i'm talking about... People move from tables ina restraunt so you have a place to sit.. They wipe your table before you get there and they move your chair out for you.. o.o...

We had gotten chinese food in the airport and there was a common food court sitting area... An entire family rose from their seats and called us over so we could have the tables they were on. They thanked us for our service and went about their buissness.. It was incredible..

Also when we were boarding the plane.. the lady at the desk that calls out boarding times was saying :" Military Members may board at any time..." And people Parted like the Red sea... It was Crazy.

:) PLus, Your Parents are the proudest Parents ever... When they embrace you for your first time after basic.. You can just feel it surround you... Their eyes are so lit up.. your mother's makeup a little misplaced from tears.. Your Father's strong arms just grab you and comfort you.. Taking away all the stress from the past 8 weeks.

your friends are forever impressed.. Because in my case.. I'm working on billion dollar Aircraft.. They're working on the little dodge neons and jeeps that roll into the garage.. or they're still bagging those groceries... or filing paper work all day...

Anyways... it's all worth it..
I've got to get back to work ;)

We're learning about flight Controls right now. When we get back we're going to go to the trainers and play with gearboxes, torque tubes, Mixers, Power Packages, Flaps, Slats, Ailerons, Trim systems... :)

After school we have PT where we either go to the gym and work out or play basketball ooorrr we Run 2 miles sit ups and pushups ;) ( Get in shape, It'll make your training alot easier!)

After PT i'm going to shower and go fishing at the lake no to far away from base.. :)
Comment by Marty & Christi Weybret on July 1, 2009 at 6:08pm
Thank you for your comments, Stephanie!! Wow, you've given me a great advice, insight in what it will be like and what it is like now that you are a full-fledged airman. I loved your descriptions of how you and others in uniform are treated at airports and restaurants. I am comforted by the fact that the American people have changed from the Vietnam era and have learned to support the troops.

I'm so glad you are doing well in your training and seem to really enjoy your military life now. And I love hearing how you are doing, so please keep writing and checking in on airforcedads.

I appreciate hearing anything else you can offer as helpful advice for my son,
Rob. And E.G. and Sgt. Terry, I'm devouring everything you send. Keep it coming!

Many, many thanks!

~ christi


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