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Our son has taken the ASVABS (sp?) and attended MEPS but doesn't have a contract, has not taken The Oath. He and his recruiter agree that finishing an A.S. degree in community college this spring is the first priority. He hopes to join sometime after the semester ends in May '09. Does this mean he's in the delayed entry program? He wants to be a firefighter and wants to get that mission in the AF. Anybody know about his chances? Does AF take a lot of firefighters each year? We presume that in the course of four years, he'll be stationed sometime overseas — probably Afghanistan or Iraq. Is that a good assumption?

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It sounds like your son is in the DEP or Delayed Enlistment Program. Both of my boys were in DEP. Your son’s recruiter should have told him if that is the route he is taking with your son. The contract is not usually signed until they are ready to leave for Lackland AFB. There are exceptions of course. As for the question of how many Firefighters the Air Force takes in it all comes down to how many they need at any given time. It is hard to determine. Again your recruiter should have this information for you. Have you talked to your son’s recruiter? If I were you, if you haven’t already, I would talk to the recruiter about these questions you have. My son has been stationed at the same base sense he left Tech School. He was deployed for 4 months a couple of years ago and he may be deployed again this spring. Again it will depend on the need of the Air Force. Yes your son may have to go to Iraq or Afghanistan or Germany. He may stay in the United States too. It is so hard to say for sure. I know this may not help much but It is hard to know what the needs are going to be.
Sgt Terry
Sgt. Terry, thanks. Your response was very helpful. My son has since confirmed he's in DEP and he and a recruiter stopped by he other day and talk to Christi. The recruiter was very professional and our son continues to show he's got his head screwed on straight about all this. We'll have more questions I'm sure, but it's great to have you and AF Dads at our finger tips. Best wishes to you and your sons.


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