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Greetings to whomever finds this site. My name is Terry. I have two sons and both of them are serving in the military. My oldest recently joined the Navy and my youngest joined the Air Force over 4 years ago. When my boys joined the service I began to look on-line for any information I could find about the branches that they had chosen. My youngest was the first to join. He chose the Air Force. Having been in the Air Force myself back in 1971-1975, I had a idea as to what he would be going through. I still did some searching because I know that things have changed. My oldest had opted to go to college and not the military. But some 3 years after my youngest went in my oldest shocked his mother and I with the news that he had been talking to an army recruiter. With some research and soul searching he chose the Navy. Neither my wife nor I had any idea of what he would be going through, what boot camp would be like or what could we expect out of boot camp graduation. So my wife and I got on-line and looked. My wife found a web site named This site answered a lot of her questions and we found out what was going to happen at boot camp and at the graduation and really a whole lot more. Well I thought that if there was a site like that for moms there would be one for dads. There wasn’t. I did see that there was a site coming called When we got back from Navy graduation the site was up and I joined right away. I got very involved and became good friends with E.G., the man who created the site. We talked and he convinced me that I needed to start Here we are. My goal is very simple to be a help a support and an encouragement to all those who have children in the Air Force. This site is for parents, family members, girlfriends, boyfriends, grandparents, airmen enlisted and officers a like. Anyone who is interested in what life is like in the most powerful Air Force in the world. This is a place that we can come and show off our airmen, ask questions, get answers and make new friends with folks that are going through the same rollercoaster ride that is called the U.S. Air Force. This site is dedicated to my sons because God used them to heal my emotional scars from my military experience in the Air Force during the Vietnam War. Have fun showing off your airman and share your pride!
Sincerely, Airforcedads Network Creator, Sgt Terry

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