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After going to bed last evening we were awakened by our dog barking and it sounded as if he were outside, so I got up to go and see if we had somehow managed to forget to let him in to find that ADAM was in the driveway. Joshua, our Navy son was originally supposed to leave today and head to his new duty station in Norfolk but switched his flight ticket to stay until Wednesday the 24th. He and his twin brother had been planning this to surprise us. Apparently the Air Force had granted his leave only this week so he decided they would drive up to surprise us for Christmas. They drove for 29 hours straight.
This is the BEST SURPRISE EVER. Joshua came home last week after finishing all of his schooling in Groton. I am so happy that the boys get to see each other before the New Year begins.I just hope that everyone could have a wonderful surprise like this. To have both of our guys here together is such a blessing. We are so proud of both the boys. We would like to wish you all the happiest of holidays, and thank everyone for their service.

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What a wonderful Christmas gift! My son graduates high school and leaves for the Air Force this Spring and I am already grieving over how little I will see him. I am hoping support like this website will help me deal with it. Thank you for sharing your surprise. It brings us all joy.
It is a wonderful gift, it has been a year since we last saw Adam. I think he has grown taller if that is possible, he must be 6'4" now. I don't think we ever get used to missing them, it's not easy, but we keep in touch through the computer and of course the phone. It's especially hard when you have more than one in the service. These web sites are extremely helpful.
Dana how awesome is that? Our children never stop surprising us. I'm glad your family will all be together to celebrate the Holidays. It looks like Christmas came a little early in your house this year. Have a ball with your boys. We will pick up Evan our Sailor as you know tomorrow morning from the airport. I'm pumped! I haven't seen him in 5 months. Tell your boys that I said hello and hope all is going well with them. I want to wish everyone here a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season.
Keep in touch, EG
I am so happy for you Dana. Those kinds of surprises are great. I am afraid that we will not have anything like that this year. David and Paul (My Airman and my sailor) have both told us that they will not make it home for the holidays. We did drive up and see David and his wife for Thanksgiving so that was good. Paul just returned to port and is preparing to go out again in January. But we did get a surprise from David and his wife Elizabeth. We have just heard that we will be grandparents in August.

Dana, have a great time with the boys and again thank them for all they are doing for this great country.
Sgt. Terry
Hello, Dana
I am sure you had a great time with your sons! My sailor stayed in Japan for the Holidays. This was his first Christmas without us. I sent him four care boxes between November and now, and our church sent him another 3. He called us at least three times per week these past weeks, and it soften his homesickness and our longing. We spent Christmas and New Year's Day with our last child in the home (our 1st child, a daughter is married and has a 3-year-old girl). Now, she is planning to join the Air Force. We are very close to becoming Empty Nesters...
Happy New Year to you and yours!

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