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Was a ton of fun. I got a good sunburn. Hopefully don't serve me with papers for destruction of government property. But i can still do my job, so i don't think that will be a problem. The beach was amazing. the water was REALLY cold, like 60.

the waves there were crazy too and there was a current that kept pulling me in all these weird directions. beaches back home are not that aggressive

The Boardwalk was kinda cool, Like a CArnival all year round with fair rides and food and Performers. My Favorite was the guy with the beautiful steel guitar and a harmonica he played Sweet home alabama. at the end of the boardwalk you walk into a dead end with a bunch of benches over looking the water.. We watched the sunset. That was awesome, Beautiful.

This weekend in Deleware Kirk and I witness a robbery at Tacobell and notified the Police. Our supervisor is very impressed with our actions. We're interested to see if we'll be recieving an LOA( Letter of achievment) For it. .. Which woul dbe awesome because that would help me with getting Senior Airman under the zone.

We'll see..

I'm coming home soon. I'm really excited to hear the joy in peoples voice. I can't wait to hug my parents. I guess Dad's putting together a get together with family on Sunday. That's going to be amazing.


This past week an airman at Travis died on a motorcycle. Please everyone be careful out there <3

One more week.

StaySafe and Keep Supporting<3

OH! I was reading Glamour for this month and there was an article about the women in iraq who are serving. Glamour's putting a makeover together for them. I thought that was incredible. :) And reading about the things that go through their heads out there wasso real and in a way very encouraging.


Bye! <3

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Wow! I always love reading what you are up to...not so good at replying. Glad you had fun at Ocean City! Here's hoping you get an LOA. Have fun going home soon : )
:) TSgt Adams is trying ot talk to our commander. He raved to MSgt Volmer about it.

It's nice to see that NCOs actually care. haha

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