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Hi everyone,
This is EG with and I visit the site as much as I can to see how our Air Force is doing. I see it has been quite on the site. I miss reading about everyone's Airmen. If you take a look at the Navy Dads site you will see the power of word of mouth. My site started just as slow. It's up to the current members to post news, info, activity, etc on the site so that others that find it will want to jump on board with you. You all must help spread the word. These type's of social networks really work and are a huge benefit to us parents. So I encourage every one of you to help spread the word about this site, so that one day it will be just as a beneficial tool as Navy Dads. Post a blog about your Airman and let everyone know how their doing and what stage their in now. I hope to soon see how everyone is doing.

Sincerely, EG

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Hi everyone!
Until just the last few days, the Air Force still did not seem a "real" part of our life yet as parents. But now, the calendar shows we have one month left before our son, Rob, reports to the Sacramento, Ca MEPS for basic on July 28. So now we are waking up from the lull of the last few months of waiting. Now we are starting the process of the stuff to do to prepare, and I'm not sure I know all that we need to do.

As the mom, I'm thinking more about helping him with "the goodbyes" by having a party for him. Marty, his dad, is thinking more about making sure the finances are set up. And Rob is thinking more about keeping up his running and workout schedule to ensure he is the best possible shape. It's funny, Rob is 5'6" or so and weighs 170, which he has put on about 10 pounds of muscle in an intense military style workout called Cross Fit in the last months. But the AF charts show he is 4 pounds overweight, which is hysterical to look at him! So he's very concerned about the scale; I've never seen a 21-year-old eat so much salad before!!

If anyone out there has any tips on what we should be doing these last few weeks, don't hesitate to send advice. All is appreciated!!
~ Christi

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