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The 373 TRS was released early on Thursday afternoon to begin it's fourth of july weekend. I'm fortunate to find myself with two Friends here in Washington DC.

Yesterday we went shopping in George town which appeared to be a big college town with the shopping mall on the streets with different stores. Mainly too expensive haha.. But it's always loads to look.

Today we wanted to wake up early and get out of here around 0730 but they had fun lastnight so it's a little difficult to get them motivated for today! :D but, They're getting there!

Our goal today is to Sightsee all the historic monuments and hit a few museums. Especially the Air and Space museum! It's cool to go in there and be able to understand everything that's on display. They have cut out Turbo engines, Models hanging, The Wright Brothers display, and a ton of other things! :)

This place is uber popular. There's people everywhere. Everyone's generally alot nicer then the people back home. Everyone says hello and talks to you. I'm not quite used to all the homeless though. My heart sinks.</3

Anyways, The reason I'm writing about my weekend is because if I wasn't in the military I probably wouldn't be having this great opportunity. I've a couple of friends ina big city with 3 days to get lost.

I think everyone should go see Transformers II. I saw it Thursday night in Dover Mall. It was awesome! :) They had b-1's, F-22's, C-17's and the Predator! It's so amazing the capability of the c-17's! I wouldn't think something that massive could bank like that! The F-22 had a Bomb paint job too!

Anyways, I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend. <3

AB Plumlee

P.s. I graduate 23 July2009!!! I'll be home shortly after that for leave and prepare for Travis AFB !

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Happy Independence Day Stephanie. Thanks for your commitment to protect our freedoms for many years to come. I hope you have a safe and happy holiday.

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