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2. Go to your “my page” and upload your photos and videos. Show off your airmen and family.

3. Create groups to share your interest with others that have the same interests. ex. boot camp, the tech school your airman is going to, Maybe the base that your airman is stationed “Seymour Johnson AFB”.

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7. Help each other to find the answers to their questions. Working together nothing will go unanswered.

8. Please help spread the word about this site. It's a must that we parents support our children and each other.

9. It's that simple. A site built for us parents to express our Pride, Concerns, Knowledge, and Fears. Let us parents stand together as one. Just as our airmen stand together to defending this country we love.

10. Don't forget, check the helpful links. These sites have valuable information also.

11. I hope this site is a very beneficial source of information and encouragement for you.

12. Welcome to the Blue! We are glad to have you.

Sincerely, Air Force Dads creator, Sgt Terry

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