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My son left for BMT on November 2nd and if I did the math correct he would graduate on New Years. My questions is will they graduate then or would they graduate early? Do to my work I need to give advance notice for time off. Thanks for any help.

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Mark, I am not sure how they will handle Tyler’s graduation. If I were you I would contact Tyler’s recruiter and ask when the graduation will be. I don’t think it will be early but it very well could be. They have so much to cover in the allotted time as it is. The recruiter should be able to let you know what the schedule will be. When you find out let us know.
Sgt Terry
Mark, You said that if your calculations were correct. Here is something I found on the Lackland AFB web site:

When is graduation?
Air Force Basic Military Training is 8-1/2 weeks. Graduation is on the Friday of the eighth week of training. The training week begins the first Monday after your trainee arrives. A Visitor Information Package is sent by the trainee but if you do not receive one please check the various links attached and throughout the Lackland Home Page for the information included in the package.

There is some other information on this site as well. I would still ask Tyler’s recruiter what his grad. date is though.
Sgt Terry
My son also left on November 2. I asked his recruiter about graduation and the possible effect on the graduation date. He told me 8 1/2 weeks is 8 1/2 weeks and if the 9th Friday is New Years, so be it. I guess when you think about it, the soldiers in Afghanistan don't get a few days off for the holidays...

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