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Got a date for Boot Camp! Any ideas when Graduation would be???

Our son Rob, who has been waiting in Delayed Entry for a few months, now has a ship out date for boot camp. He leaves for MEPS in Sacramento on July 28 ( a Tuesday). I'm wondering, would anybody have a guess on when his graduation might be???
We'd really like to travel to Texas for the ceremony, but might have a conflict. I'm trying to get a best guess so we can make schedule adjustments. I realize this may be an impossible question, but there it is....
He is thrilled to finally have a date and to be able to make plans. I am thrilled that it's still three months away!!!
My heart goes out to all who are experiencing the worry, frustrations and excitement of serving or having someone who is serving right now. We will be there soon, too.
~ Christi

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he goes to meps on 28JUL09 which means he leaves for basic on 29JUL09 which put his graduation weekend should be 24SEP09 thru 27SEP09 if my math is correct... count 8 weeks from the first friday he's there... that'll be graduation... so if he's at basic on july 29th then count 8 weeks from july 31st and it should be his graduation weekend. that by math would be september 24th thru september 27th... 4 days of events that you won't want to miss... stephanie graduates next weekend starting thursday with the coining ceremony where they obtain the title Airman and the retreat, then friday is graduation with possible off base liberty, saturday is off base liberty, sunday is on base liberty with an early curfew do to the need for packing for the travel to technical school

Thanks Michael!
That date would work out perfectly. My conflict was the week before. Sept. 24-27 is even more perfect because his 22nd birthday is right in there!.....I had no idea that the graduation would include four days of activities. I look forward to hearing your descriptions of Stephanie's graduation in a few days!! I'm sure you are very excited and happy about seeing it and seeing her again after this long separation.

Does Stephanie know what technical school she will be attending?

~ christi
She'll start her tech school at sheppards AFB but until this week thats all we'll know becuase this week she'll find out specifically what planie she's going to be working on... then she'll have her orders and know how long tech school is... or atleast thats the way i understood it

I am so glad you have a date to work with. Wes and I have been waiting what seems like forever! He signed up in October and was recently told he would probably find out in April. They hinted at July. Oh, maybe Rob and Wes will be there at the same time. Wouldn't that be neat? I hope everything works out for you to be there.

You can always call the number on or get online help from and they will be able to tell you exactly when he graduates.

Good luck to him, he'll love it.

I Did anyways :)

Graduation weekend is a very fun filled weekened.. Leaving the family the second time was almost alot harder... i couldn't stop looking back as i departed that one last time.

Thanks everyone for all your help with this. Stephanie, I looked at the site, and boy, that one is frustrating to follow. I didn't give it enough time, but I will try again to get some information through that avenue.

Congratulations on completing Basic!! I'm very proud of you and very encouraged and touched by your enthusiastic patriotism and certainty that you are doing the right thing for you at this time of your life. ...And it's great to see you back on this site. I'm sure you are very occupied in tech school, but I'd sure love (and sure Lesa would, too) to hear any words of wisdom you have to give us as parents and to our sons as they prepare for basic later this summer.

~ Christi

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