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You may not contact trainees during training. Their program is an intense, eight week
long training experience. You may write letters or ask for his/her address when they call
during their few breaks. Trainees do not have access to the Internet, email, cell phones or incoming phone calls.

An Airman is required by regulation to get one initial phone call to give you his/her
address and to let you know that they are fine. Other phone calls during training are
strictly up to the individual training instructor. If you have not received a call within 2
weeks, you can call (210) 6713024. Keep in mind that your Airman may have opted to call a friend or spouse.

To get your Airman's mailing address call (210) 6713024. In case of family emergencies contact your local Red Cross to make contact.

Emergencies include:

Death in the immediate family.
Serious illness in the immediate family.
Birth announcement (wife of trainee)

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