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I had the Greatest time at Basic Training. Gas Chamber, Weapons, Obstacle Course, My Flight, My Brother flight, The Dining Facility, Beast, Airmans Run, getting my Coin. Ugh! Everything was just Awesome!!!!!!!

I'm like a Poster Child for Recruiters assistance program. I LOVED Bbasic training. SSgt Flores was the greatest! He never strayed from the core Values.

I learned more in 8 weeks of training then i did 12 years of public schooling.

It's deffinitly worth every sacrifice to be able to stand up and say, i'm serving our country.

:) The Greatest Feeling.

I'm here at tech school now. Awesome. I had a full week of briefings...I start schoool on Monday. I'll be here for 4 weeks and then ill ship to Dover AFB Delaware for my follow on training for the c-5.
I'm really excited.

I don;t kknow my first duty assignment yet. We'll see :)

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Awesome! It is nice to hear good things about basic from someone who was just there. I am so glad it turned out to be what you were hoping for and am eager to hear about your next step.

you do now!
hey steph talk about an awesome experience at basic training I think it was almost as awesome watching you grow so much in such a short amount of time. I am so proud of you!!!! You are truley amazing. Well I hope your liking your new roomate. When do you leave for Dover??? Well I love you very much and think about ( and talk about) you everyday. Joe the manager that used to work at your store but now works at mine said to say Hi to you.

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